SynDiesel S2 Blend 54 Gallon Drum

SynDiesel S2 Blend 54 Gallon Drum

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Syndiesel (R) Synthetic Diesel Fuel/Additive. 63 Cetane Number (highest of ANY Diesel fuel on the market today), 20,500 Btu/pound (20% more than standard Diesel) This fuel is designed for High Performance Diesel Engines. Viscosity is 2-2.5 cSt at 40 C. Used by the top Diesel racers in the Country. This fuel is not designed for OEM engines. Select the new Syndiesel OEM Blend. Eliminates SMOKE, quiets engine, sulfur free, reduces exhaust temperatures, stops detonation, quick power response - NO hesitation, no gum, no sludge. No Oxidation - It will last for ten years in storage. Fuel stays clear and bright. Best of all, the GEL POINT is -67  F - perfect for standby or emergency generator fuel supply. Perfect for cold weather applications or winterizing a Diesel engine power plant. Flammable Liquid. Shipped in a UN/DOT APPROVED CONTAINER. Made in the USA. No shipment outside of USA. Taxable for sales in Texas. The same high quality Diesel fuel in our five gallon container is now available in a 54 gallon drum. We can also package these in groups of 2-4 on a pallet with or without other items for your order.  To order for foreign delivery please call 281-447-7200.

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