FLO-N-Spout Extender for Steel Pails

Your Price: $21.95
Part Number:FLO N- 5 Gal
The FLO'N Spout Extender (Large) is the easiest and most convenient way to get the fuel out of the 5 gallon metal cans. Works in all VP, Sunoco, and Gulf Steel Pails.

Attach directly to the plastic pull out spouts found on 5 gallon pails, plastic containers, metal containers etc.. making the transfer of liquids much easier and more accurate. It’s unique 1/4” Breather Tube relieves the internal pressure allowing the contents to pour out as air flows in creating a smooth, quick and consistent pour. The Flo'N Spout Extender is comprised of a 1” Transfer Tube, 1/4” Breather Tube, Dust Cap attachment and Dust Cap.

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